10 top tips to get that dream job

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dreamjobn9If you’re tired of compromising, then read our top ten to learn how to secure the job you’ve always wanted.

1. Make sure your dream job is an achievable job
Your dream occupation needs to be ideal, rather than idealistic. Having the ambition and drive to push yourself to reach for the best job possible is imperative but you need be certain you are capable of doing the job. For example, if you have always wanted to be a doctor but are not scientifically adept – which is manifested in poor science qualifications, then it is not a viable career option. This is not to say that you should not persevere and aim high but remaining realistic is always important.

2. Get the SKILLS you need to do the job
Whether this means re-training or going to university, if you want the job enough then the additional work will be worth it. Most employers expect you to have a certain level of education suitable for a position: it may be a vocational course or postgraduate study but if the role you want demands a specific qualification, then it is essential you begin studying. Additionally, basic computing skills are crucial in the majority of office workplaces, so if you are inexperienced in dealing with computers, then it may be advisable to attend a local college or library for courses that will get you up to speed.

3. Dress to impress at interview
First impressions are crucial to landing your dream job so be sure to wear formal attire for interviews. The way in which you present yourself speaks volumes about your attention to detail and the pride you have in yourself as a prospective employee.

4. Research thoroughly
You can never know too much about your desired occupation and researching the specifics means that if you land the job you will not be surprised by anything you are asked to do.  It is essential you look up a company before an interview or writing a covering letter too, to ensure that you fully understand the work they do and how you can work well with them.

5. Ask yourself “Why do I want this job?”
Until you can answer this question confidently then you will be unable to persuade an employer that you are right for the position.  This question will almost certainly arise in an interview, so it is critical to have a well-prepared response.  Think about what skills or qualifications you have that are going to be of benefit to your employer and make you stand out from the crowd.

6. Don’t be too specific
The broader your search, the more likely it is that your job-hunt will be successful.  If you are interested in working in publishing wwfor example, perhaps look at book and magazine publishing, online and print, editorial and production departments.  You may find a position that interests you more than your original idea and it also means there are more jobs available to you.

7. Trial your dream job
Whether this is through work experience, an internship or shadowing someone already in the role, this is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and valuable contacts. It is becoming increasingly common for companies to offer internships and although many placements may not be paid, it may be the only way of gaining employment with them. Additionally, the skills that you learn will prove invaluable when you apply for permanent work – there may even be an opening at the company you completed work experience with that you can apply for.

8. Network
Networking is crucial to some industries.  If you know people in the sector in which you wish to work then contact them to see if they know of any vacancies or work experience opportunities. Initially, many companies advertise internally, so hearing about an opening before others may prove useful.  When you undertake work experience, introduce yourself to people and ensure people know who you are – but do not make a nuisance of yourself – these are contacts you can get in touch with at a later date.

9. Edit your CV
Tailor your CV to your dream position by picking up on key terms that appear in the job vacancy; this will ensure your CV reflects the skills required by the employer.  You should also order your work experience with the most recent first, outlining the position you held and your responsibilities.  

10. Stay dedicated
If you really want your dream job, you’re going to have to put a lot of time and commitment into securing it.  You will not necessarily get it straightaway – it may take weeks or even months – but if you are willing to dedicate yourself to guaranteeing that position, then you are likely to be successful!

This article was first published in Careers with Hayley Taylor in August 2011. [Read the digital edition here]

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