5 alternative ways to earn extra money

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how to_make_money_06_09_12Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum with two troublesome toddlers to battle against each day, or juggling two jobs to make ends meet, having an extra bit of cash can often go all the way to help making life that little easier, and those ever-parting ends, meet. Here are five handy ways to earn some extra cash:

1. Sell, sell, sell
The internet is truly your oyster (as cliché as it sounds) when it comes to earning extra money. Using auctioning sites to sell-off unwanted – or unused – kids toys and clothes is a great way to clear up the house, and profit it from it at the same time! If you’re creative, why not create products to sell online? Think handmade jewellery or personalised bags.

2. Get writing
For those who’ve enjoyed a writing career pre-motherhood, or have always fancied themselves as the next Caitlin Moran, try blogging for other people’s sites. Whilst websites or publications may not be willing to pay you for your work, signing up to agencies that create content could prove quite lucrative.

3. Blog until your heart’s content
Blogs are slowly taking over the net, and there’s no reason why with a little web know-how and a knowledge and passion for a certain subject, you too couldn’t join the thousands of bloggers already out there. There may prove opportunities to sell advertising on your blog, or create partnerships that could help provide an income.

4. Complete surveys
Whilst this may not provide you with an abundance of cash, completing surveys can offer you vouchers or reward points which can prove quite the help in the weekly shopping trip. Sign up for a few websites to help maximise your earning opportunities.

5. Shop ’til you drop
Used to uncover the reality of customer service in many shops, or test our products before they hit the market, mystery shoppers are regularly required by retail organisations. There are many agencies that specialise in mystery shoppers, and you can earn between £20 and £100 a day.

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