Bossy women less likely to succeed

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bossybossesFeisty females who “act like men” in the workplace annoy their staff and achieve less, according to experts at the University of London.

A new study has found that being ballsy in the boardroom doesn’t do female managers any favours, with staff less likely to co-operate to get results.

In fact, researchers say that women who “emulate aggressive male models” would achieve more at work by drawing on typical female qualities of sensitivity and good communication.

Professor Paula Nicolson, from the University of London, said women who behaved like their male counterparts were getting it wrong: “It’s almost like women feel they must ‘act like a man’ and overly develop traits often associated with power-hungry City traders.

“This is understandable, because previously leaders have been male.

“But women’s leadership style ought to come into its own when dealing with people and displaying skills in communication, judgement, sensitivity and psychological insight – all traits needed to be a good leader.”

Researchers analysed the management styles of senior professionals within five NHS hospitals, but say their findings could be applied to any profession.

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Image: Sara Arnald/Scanpix/Press Association Images

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