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Many British workers are benefiting from  having their career profiles online, according to a report commissioned by LinkedIn, the professional networking website.

The site can be used to search for new jobs or to find business leads and, as a result, online business profiles have become an essential part of people’s working lives…

  • 61% of people working in the advertising, the media and publishing think that having a professional online profile will help further their career.
  • 46% of IT professionals say a personal online profile or brand is important for advancing their careers and 50% say it is useful when looking for a new job.
  • 29% of UK professionals are developing and maintaining career profiles online.
  • 22% of professionals say they have made new business contacts as a result of their online professional profile while 17% say they have secured new sales leads.

6% is the average amount a nice guy loses from his pay packet per year. A study into the link between personality and salary has found that amiable men are paid nearly £1,500 a year less than those who are more aggressive in the workplace.

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