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casualeverdayForget stuffy suits and sensible shoes because when it comes to office attire, many of us are adopting a more casual and relaxed sense of style…

According to a new study of 3,000 people by Hotter Shoes,  over half of office-based workers have ditched the traditional smart office dress code for a more casual look.

With one in four of employees wearing jeans to work, a further one in six regularly wear trainers in the office.

In fact, one in five ladies love keeping it casual (and let’s face it, pretty darn comfortable!) in a pair of leggings in the workplace, while less than one in four blokes wear a tie.

Many employees admitted that they only look smart at work twice a week although over 83% admitted they made much more of an effort if they knew they had a meeting.

The study also revealed that almost half of us believe wearing a casual outfit makes us more confident in the work place.

Spokesman Paul Sayers said: “Comfort is so important these days as it helps workers feel more confident and relaxed.

“The days of workers turning up in shirts with top buttons done up are clearly over.”

It’s over to you – what are you wearing to work today? What is the dress code policy in your office? Do you feel more confident when dressed in casual clothes or in smart office wear? Tell us in the comments below, send us a Tweet or write on our Facebook wall!

Image: Sara Arnald/Scanpix/Press Association Images

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