Celebs feeling the pinch

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Find out how celebrities are dealing with the credit crunch.

Gordon Ramsay’s mounting debt
He’s used to helping other chefs with their business problems on Ch4’s popular Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares show, but Gordon now faces troubles of his own. His company, Gordon Ramsay Holdings, has been taken to court over unpaid debts three times in a month. He’s sold his restaurants in Los Angeles, Paris and Prague, and even sold his Ferrari at a £50,000 loss.
Sold Ferrari at a £50,000 loss

Anthea Turner forced to sell homes
The ex-Blue Peter presenter and her husband Grant Bovey lost £100 million when Grant’s buy-to-let business went into administration last year. Anthea said: ‘We’ll probably stay in England this year rather than take a holiday. I still have designer clothes but these days you’re more likely to find me in Matalan, River Island and New Look – even Primark,’ she said.
£100 million lost on company

Elton John’s fortune drops 26%
According to the Sunday Times 2009 Rich List Elton saw his fortune fall from £235 million in 2008 to £175 million.
However, his generous charitable donations were part of the reason for the massive drop in wealth.
But don’t feel too sorry for him – he’s still ranked the eight wealthiest musician in the UK.
Wealth down by £60 million

Lily Allen: ‘I’m skint’
Lily recently sold her £35,000 BMW 320 convertible because she needed the cash.
She said: ‘I had to sell my car because I’m so broke. I’m completely skint..I’m waiting until I get the royalties from the new album (It’s Not Me, It’s You)..but that takes about a year. The banks usually front your money in that situation, but obviously they’re not lending, so it’s a tricky time.’

Trisha Goddard – new show axed
Her latest morning series, The Trisha Goddard Show, was axed by Five in January.
The channel’s boss, Dawn Airey, explained ‘In the present economic climate it feels like the right time.’
Trisha said: ‘I am particularly sorry for the fantastic crew and contributors..I am saddened they have taken this decision.’

Robbie sees profits fall
Robbie Williams has lost a massive £25 million chunk off his £105 million fortune, as reported in the Sunday Times 2009 Rich List.

Ian Coxon, who compiled the list, said the singer’s investments were the main reasons for his loss.
Lost £25 million in the past year

And Stateside..
USHER The R&B singer closed his Atlantan wine bar and restaurant, The Grape, at the start of the year after filing for bankruptcy.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON Last year the star was hit by the dramatic fall in property prices and sold her apartment in Manhattan for $52,000 less than the $1.95m she paid for it in 2006.

P-DIDDY The rap star has grounded his private plane because of rising fuel prices. ‘It was costing me $200,000 a month just to make two round trips from Los Angeles to New York,’ he said.

THOSE DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES ABC, the television network behind the hit US show has set strict spending guidelines on the stars’ wardrobes. There’s a $150 limit on accessories and a $250 limit on shoes.

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