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Women who want to climb the career ladder should resist the temptation to act like men, say scientists. In light of these new findings, at home asks: does acting like a lady get you what you want?

If you want to succeed at work, the advice from experts is to not be aggressive. New research has shown that women with assertive attitude are often less likely to get ahead than those who present a more ladylike demeanour. It is believed that while self-confidence and assertiveness is highly prized in men, go-getting women are at a disadvantage for not being feminine enough and are seen as less likeable.

Researchers from George Mason University in Virginia quizzed 80 young men and women about their personality while they studied for a master’s degree in business administration. Eight years later, the same people were asked about how their careers were progressing and it emerged that women who took an aggressive approach has been promoted less than the more ‘feminine’ women.

What’s more, the more ‘bossy’ women who had made a conscious effort to appear less so had done better in the workplace than those who openly portrayed an assertive character.

Study leader Dr Olivia O’Neill believes that ‘pushy’ women should pick and choose when to be forceful. She said: “If they are seen to behave in a stereotypically male way, they may damage their chances of promotion, even if these traits are synonymous with successful managers.”

What do you think? Is acting like a lady the best way to get ahead in a man’s world? Does acting like a lady really get you what you want? Post your thoughts in the comments below, talk to us on Twitter or write on our Facebook wall.

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