How to buy a second-hand motorhome

By Pippa Thompson

Are you thinking of buying a motorhome? Most buyers will be going for a second hand vehicle but this can be a minefield of decisions.

Luckily, Comfort Insurance are on your side, and they have drawn up a useful checklist to tick off before you invest in your new second hand motorhome.


Decide how much you want to spend and include running costs. Do your research to make sure anything you buy is the market rate or below, but remember to beware of motorhomes and caravans which seem too cheap. As the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Common problems

Once you have decided on a model you like, go online and do some extensive research. Find out if there are any common problems or faults associated with it and check thoroughly when you go to view the motorhome. If there are any retrofitted accessories, check that they are in working order and properly attached.


When buying second hand, it is crucial to check all the documents so you have an accurate idea of the motorhomes history. This includes:

• Ownership and warranty
• Service receipts and invoices
• Logbook
• MOT and tax
• VRM documentation

Inspect any certificates carefully to make sure there are no fakes. Generally, if the paperwork is in good order it is a good sign that the motorhome has been properly looked after, we would also recommend having an Experian check done.


Check thoroughly for damp. It causes rot, smells and is hazardous for your health. Damp can occur anywhere in your motorhome so check the entire interior thoroughly. Invest in a damp tester, which can be picked up from most camping retailers. Test the water and electricity points throughout.


Look for any scrapes, dents, scratches, cracks and check for corrosion. If there are signs of new paint or underseal then beware, as these may be covering up something grisly underneath.

Assess the seals around the doors, windows and skylight to ensure they are still waterproof and in good condition. Ask the seller when the seals were last checked and replaced.


Due to their infrequent use, motorhomes are at higher risk of the tyre walls cracking which is the cause of many of accidents. Check the tyres carefully for sign of cracks and the tread too as this can tell you if the wheels are correctly aligned or whether the brakes are rubbing.

Hopefully, with the help of this list you will be in the best possible position when purchasing your new second hand motorhome.

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