How to get the best deal on your motorhome insurance

By Pippa Thompson

Stuart Craig from Shield Total Insurance offers some ideas to drive the best deal on your motorhome insurance.

Whatever make of motorhome you own or are planning to buy, it will need to be insured before you can hit the road. The average cost of an annual motorhome insurance policy taken out with Shield Total Insurance is approx. £245. So to help mitigate your costs we can suggest six sensible tips without compromising on the level of cover.

  1. Buy from a specialist broker. A specialist, like Shield Total Insurance, knows what a motorhome is, how it’s used, when it’s used, where you keep it, what you put in it and what it is worth to you.
  2. Move house! Your postcode is probably the biggest single factor affecting how much you pay for your motorhome insurance. Your insurance is rated based upon your primary storage location, i.e. where it is most often kept.
  3. Limit your mileage. One of the reasons why motorhome owners are such good risks is that generally they don’t travel very far. The average motorhome covers just 6,500 miles a year. Discounts are available for reduced mileage limits.
  4. Use your no claims discount. This is one of the most often misunderstood aspects of motorhome insurance, especially when buying from a non-specialist broker. You can’t use your no claims twice – if you are using it on your car, you can’t use it again on your motorhome. What Shield can do is match it with an introductory bonus, allowing you to then go on and earn no claims discount in your own right on your motorhome. Such discounts or bonuses make a big difference to your premium.
  5. Don’t let the kids drive! Adding younger or less experienced drivers to your policy will significantly increase your premium. This is because the overall rate you pay is often based on the youngest driver even if they only drive occasionally. Restrict drivers to those that are necessary.
  6. Discourage thieves and take security measures. Alarms, extra locks, tracking devices all drive down your insurance costs. At Shield we like pro-active tracking devices, because they help us get our insurable property back – usually very quickly. Because they feature so heavily on motorhomes, 40% of stolen motorhomes are recovered, compared to just 3% of stolen caravans.”
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