How to… know if your marriage is really over

By Ellyn Peratikou

Being in a partnership that works is a wonderful thing; effortless, trusting, kind and happy.

The very thought that, for whatever reason, it might all end is stomach churning. It’s easy to sit around the kitchen table with a glass of wine putting the world to rights, but how do we know when it’s more than that, and what do we do?

Most of us have thoughts about ‘what if’ on a bad day. When there are more bad days than good days, how do we start to move on and who do we turn to?

We are all our own worst critic. There are so many reasons not to do anything:

  • I will lose everything I know
  • I will be lonely
  • I cannot manage the bills
  • What will my friends think (they all think it`s rosy)
  • I am a failure; why can’t I make my marriage work
  • I don`t know what I want but I know I don`t want this.
  • My children will suffer, and I cannot do that to them.

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