You’ve gotta be in it, to win it!

“Why don’t you enter a business award?”

It’s something you hear people say and you may think that it sounds like a promising idea but also sounds like a lot of work too so end up deciding “naaah, I think I’ll leave it, thanks.”

Big mistake.


The benefits of entering the SME National Business Awards far outweigh any doubts you may have. Independently judged by a wide-ranging mix of people from all areas of business, people who are genuinely motivated and inspired by reading about your company, the awards are now in their sixth year.

Is it a risk to put yourself and your business out there? Or a really smart move to put yourself and your business out there? You have nothing to lose.

The application process gives you an opportunity to look at your successes from a different perspective, allowing you to take in all the important things that have happened in the last year, amongst all the uncertainty and negativity brought about by the pandemic. It really does make you think long and hard about your business, what you’ve achieved, the struggles you’ve faced and how you’ve overcome them. Isn’t that worth celebrating?

Time to pause, reflect, re-energise, and tell the world how fabulous your team, products, services, clients, marketing, growth is. And it is.

And of course, if your application is successful, you will be invited to the awards ceremony, alongside the other finalists, to battle it out at a glitzy black-tie event. Christ knows, we need a night out, right?

The kudos of being a finalist is not to be underestimated; the free advertising, the buzz on social media, the networking at the big swanky do (did I mention there’s a big swanky do?)

Plaster the news all over your website and social media channels, be sure to get in touch with your local news outlets and shout the brilliant news from the rooftops.

During the decade of awards sponsorship, the management team at My Mustard has diligently monitored the investment in terms of time, effort and finance and totting up the launch events, the PR activity, the judging time, the black-tie attendance (and the bar bill) we have enjoyed an ROI in excess of 37% by being associated with winning businesses.

As long-time sponsors of the SME National Business Awards we have attended many awards evenings up and down the country, so believe us when we say they are always an exceptional night out; top notch food, flowing booze, brilliant entertainment, but the most exotic sensation is the tangible sense of success in the air.

What more could you want? After the monotony of the past few years, a top night out with the whole team goes down an absolute treat.

Aligning your company with business awards is a smart financial move too, not only could you market yourselves as “national awards finalists,” or even “award winning national company” but the networking aspect of awards celebrations cannot be underestimated. You will be rubbing shoulders with innovative, diverse, and most importantly, successful business from all over the country, making it an opportunity to expand your little black book and forge some valuable business relationships.

And you might actually win! What would that do for you, your team, your business? It goes without saying that hearing that you are Numero Uno will boost morale for the team, but we’ll say it anyway, it can give you the illustrious title of an “award winning business,” a renewed spring in your step, a pipeline of new business and solid validation of your business idea or methodology.

Just think of being the winner of a National Award…“Helllooo Wemberleyyyy!”

So, the next time that person says, “Why don’t you enter a business award?” just do it. Go on. It really could change your life.


Last Years Highlights –


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