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It can be hard to be a mum, have a job and feel like you’re doing both roles justice! But don’t despair – some jobs are perfect for mums, offering you independence, adult company and, of course, that essential spending money!

1 Virtual assistant
If ‘organised’ is your middle name when it comes to your home life, then being a virtual assistant or remote PA could be the job for you! You’ll need a phone, laptop, internet access – and ideally a website to set up your own business. Tasks include typing, book-keeping, arranging meetings – even booking the boss’ holiday!

Good for mums because…

  • You’ll generally be home-based.
  • Hours can fit in around childcare, working in the evening if needs be.

Qualifications GCSE English and maths are essential, as are secretarial- type qualifications. Two years’ office experience is usually required. Salary Around £20 to £40 an hour. Visit

2 Teaching assistant
This profession offers a vital role in primary, secondary and special schools. You’ll support the teacher, help with classroom organisation, assist children with their work, either individually in the classroom or in small groups and carry out administrative tasks. You’ll never have a dull day at work again!

Good for mums because…

  • Hours fit in with school hours.
  • It may be possible to find work in the same school as your children.
  • Part-time posts are available.

Qualifications No formal qualifications required, but previous experience working with children is beneficial. You’ll need to be confident at maths and English (literacy). NVQs at Levels 2 and 3 are offered by some schools. Salary Varies, but ranges between £12,400 and £13,900, possibly rising to £16,000+ in some areas.

3 Healthcare assistant
This job involves helping healthcare professionals to care for patients, either in hospitals or in patients’ homes. It’s a varied role and often involves supporting nurses’ work, performing simple medical tasks, such as taking blood and inserting needles into veins. It’s also the job of the healthcare assistant to take regular observations of the patient, such as temperature and blood pressure, throughout the day.

Good for mums because…

  • Hours can be flexible.
  • Part-time work is available.

Qualifications No specific qualifications, nor a scientific background, are needed. You can study for an NVQ in Health or Health and Social Care which allows more responsibilities to be taken on. Salary Newly qualified, around £13,000 to £16,000. More experienced assistants can earn around £18,000.

4 Housekeeper or dog walker
You do it in your own home, so why not do it in someone else’s and earn cash in the process? We’re talking cleaning, ironing and other chores, of course! Or, if you’re a dog lover, how about advertising as a dog walker?

Good for mums because…

  • You can fix your own working hours.
  • You can wear whatever what you like – forget heels and smart suits!

Qualifications For cleaning and ironing, no qualifications are required. Owning a dog and some canine knowledge is useful for dog walking. Salary From around £1 for ironing a shirt to £10-£20 per hour for cleaning. From £5-£10 per hour for dog walking.

5 Social care worker
If caring for others is your passion, a job working in some area of social care will suit you. Such roles often work well for mums – after all, they require all the skills you use, day in, day out, with your own family. Social care jobs can involve working with children, the elderly or those with learning or physical disabilities.

Good for mums because…

  • Hours are often flexible.
  • Part-time posts are common place.

Qualifications None, but most jobs give induction training at the start. A CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check may be required for some posts. Salary The average salary nationwide is around £15,950.

6 Registered childminder
If you’re keen to stay at home and look after your child, but make money in the process, childminding is ideal. You can legally look after up to six children: up to three under-fives and up to three more five- to eight-year-olds. You must register with Ofsted who check that you and your home are suitable for childcare.

Good for mums because…

  • You work from home.
  • Your child can stay with you.

Qualifications You must be over 18 and will be required by law to have a CRB check. A training and first-aid course are required once you start. Salary Varies area to area, but from around £10,000 to £18,000 a year.

7 Aerobics instructor
If you’re a keen gym-goer or fitness class addict, you may want to consider learning the trade yourself so you can work out and earn a crust or two at the same time. Officially referred to as an Exercise for Music Instructor or Aerobic Instructor, you will need to take a training course (there are numerous courses available – search the web for one to suit you) before you can start teaching. Some courses are available through distance learning which often suits mums well.

Good for mums because…

  • Not a nine to five role – hours are flexible throughout the day and evening work is often available.
  • It keeps you fit while you work!

Qualifications You have to pass a government-approved course that is recognised within the industry. Salary Varies, but around £20 to £30 per hour. Rates depend on your popularity as an instructor as to how many students you attract!

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