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Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If you’re planning to do most of it on the Internet, then you might want to know that today is the busiest online shopping day of the year. Dubbed ‘Manic Monday’ by Internet retailers, cyber shoppers from around the UK are expected to spend a whopping £537 million in just one day. Will you be joining in on the big spending?

Christmas shopping can be quite a stressful affair. You’ve got a million and one things to do every day and on top of that, you’ve still got to buy presents for the kids, your hubby, your family, the in-laws, your best mate and that secret Santa gift for your work colleague… argh! That’s why online shopping can be a real saviour. And according to price comparison website Kelkoo, today is the day that most of choose to get the job done – in fact, retailers expect us to spend £22.4 million every hour!

Visa Europe have predicted that transactions would peak in the lunch hour, between 1pm and 2pm, and again at around 7pm as shoppers log on after work. They also found that 74% of consumers planned to buy presents online this Christmas, with 30% looking to do more shopping on the internet than last year.

Visa Europe commercial director Steve Perry said: "Shopping online is now a natural part of the gift-buying process for consumers and a key part of Christmas sales strategy for retailers. The combination of monthly salaries being paid and people taking delivery times into consideration should combine to deliver a record day for internet shopping."

If you’re planning to stay away from Internet shopping and hit the high street instead, you may want to steer clear of 18th December. Experts predict that 10 million shoppers will make a last minute dash to the shops on this day and spend a total of £1.1 billion – that’s £764,000 per minute!

Have you been online shopping for Christmas presents today or do you prefer scouring the shops for gifts? Tell us in the comments below!

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