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You can profit greatly from a career in direct selling…Not only can you make a good living from selling goods to consumers, direct selling is a really flexible job that can fit in around your personal life and help to build your confidence, too.

What’s more, it’s a career path open to everyone – regardless of qualifications, experience or the financial resources at your disposal. And being your own boss means you can choose how much you want to work and set your own targets. Here is a quick guide to the main benefits of the job.

1 Enhance your income
To earn more cash on the side, many people work their direct selling businesses part-time as a second job, while others put in full-time hours and make a substantial income. According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA), the earnings that can be expected from a direct selling business vary greatly – ranging from less than £1,000 through to £50,000+ per year, depending on the time and effort put in.

2 Be your own boss
Working for yourself has many good points – you can set your own goals, determine how to reach them, and receive training and support from an established company. Starting your direct selling business is cheap, too. It only requires low start-up costs of between £75 and £100, which is a big reason why the industry is so popular.

3 Flexibility
Another beauty of being your own boss is that you can choose when and how much you want to work, leaving you time for activities with your family and friends. You can set your own hours and work at whatever time is most convenient to you, whether that’s working evenings at home parties or over the internet during the day.

4 Personal development
A big part of working in the industry is having to present to groups of people on a regular basis, which helps to build your confidence. It’s also a great training ground to develop skills such as leadership, time management and goal-setting, as well as learning to succeed on your own efforts.

5 Meet new people
Becoming part of the direct selling industry is a particularly good way to socialise with people, especially for those who have retired from work and want to remain socially active (it is estimated that over one in four of all direct sellers are aged 50 or over). It’s also good for stay-at-home mums and even those employed in full-time work who want to expand their circle of friends.

6 Anyone can do it
People of any age and background can start working as a direct seller – there are no required levels of education, experience or financial resources.

7 A good discount
Many direct selling companies allow their distributors to buy items for personal use at a significant discount. So by becoming a consultant, you can stock up on your favourite clothes or beauty products at a lower price.

8 Convenience for customers
Making yourself and the products you are selling easily available to people is something that consumers really appreciate. So by setting yourself up with a website and holding regular home parties, you will keep the customers happy and ensure the orders keep flooding in. 

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