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Do you have a talent for making clothes, a dab hand at pottery or love making jewellery? Are you forever handing out your handmade delights as birthday and Christmas presents for family and friends? Then setting up an online shop to sell your stuff might be just the thing for you.
A great little business venture, setting up an online shop is a great way to indulge in your hobby and make a bit of extra money. Forget Ebay because there are a whole wealth of websites dedicated solely to the buying and selling of handmade items, from clothing, pottery, art work, knitwear to furniture – and so much more. Plus, most of these sites have a large community where you can get in touch with other like-minded sellers and share tips and advice on how to make your goods.
Here is our round-up of some of the best online marketplaces specialising in handmade and vintage wonders:
With buyers and sellers from more than 150 countries, Etsy is the fairy godmother of handmade arts and crafts. Everything on Etsy is sold in US dollars, but it’s easy to pay fees using Paypal which will convert your pounds for you.
Get creative with Folksy, which not only lets you sell your handmade items but you can also learn how to make other crafty things. Full of crafters and designers, Folksy is great for a wide range of homemade items. A listing costs 20p and there’s a 5% commission if your item sells.
Best for beautiful bags, jewellery and children’s toys, Coriandr lets you set up a free online shop with your own unique URL which makes promoting your shop to customers a lot easier. Much like Ebay, you are billed monthly and pay via your Paypal account – but you are only charged 20p per listing plus 2.5% sales commission if your item sells.
Set up by ‘mumtrepreneur’ Emma Hogg, MISI is one of the best UK online craft marketplaces. Selling high-quality and quirky handmade products, MISI is especially great if you make jewellery, patchwork quilts, clothing and vintage-style gifts. Items cost 20p to list and a 3% commission is added if your item sells.
Eco-shopping comes in the form of My Ehive, an online marketplace which specialises in the buying and selling of reclaimed, recycled, customised, vintage and homemade items. My Ehive is free for your first five listings, and costs £4.99 – £9.99 per month with no other additional fees. 

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