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under the_sea_mermaid_02_08_12Worried about getting your legs out this summer? Fear not, a new trend, seeking style inspiration from mythical and Disney related creatures, provides essential poolside cover up and a glistening scale or two.

The world’s entrepreneurs are a zany bunch, brandishing ideas in business sectors that many of us would never even dream of. The latest creative venture to come out of Canada, however, manages to dip a toe in the world of swimwear and mythology. That of the mermaid variety, to be more precise.

Inspired by her daughter’s mermaid obsession newfound Canadian businesswoman Monica Naumann has created an online company selling mermaid tales. Simply branded ‘Real Mermaid Tails’ the site will sell firm 3-Fins, in the style of The Little Mermaid’s Ariel, to name one source of sea-style inspiration.

Launched in January Real Mermaid Tails retail at £166. But if you’re envisioning the grey and blue hues of serious scuba diving kits, think again. Naumann’s creations come in a variety of bright, bold and fun colours. Having been received well by Internet supporters so far, the mother of mermaid mad daughter, Megan, has already sold more than two dozen fins to buyers from around the globe.

Gushing about the reception of the tails, Naumann told Canadian newspaper The Province, ‘People are so amazed. It’s so fun to watch their reaction.’ Continuing to tell the story of a woman asking her daughter Megan not to take her tail off, ‘as her daughter thought Megan was a real, true mermaid,’ Naumann has been happy with the visual authenticity and reception of the fins.

So how did the one-woman wonder show figure out the best materials and fitting for a believable, durable mermaid tale? Three months dedication to the design and a lot of time spent with stretchy dance material, by the sounds of it. Crafting each fin in the slinky fabric, Naumann spends painstaking hours sewing flippers in to make a lexan fin.

Reflecting humbly on her venture into the world of sea wear Naumann mused, ‘It’s a hobby, but I’m not sure it’s going to be a big business’.

So if you were in raptures over The Little Mermaid as a child, Real Mermaid Tails could be your ticket to reliving your childhood fantasies. Now who can remember all the lyrics to Under The Sea?

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