Dispelling the myths on recruitment

By Pippa Thompson

In recent years, the perception of the recruitment industry has changed drastically. It is now seen as a career of choice for many aspirational professionals and has largely moved away from the tainted image it once had. Despite this, however, there are still a number of misconceptions about the hiring arena. So what are they?

I’ll spend all day cold calling
This is perhaps one of the more common misconceptions and, based on the reality that most people will have had a nuisance call from a recruiter at some point, quite understandable. However, professional recruitment firms know only too well that this approach will only serve to turn candidates and clients away. Consequently the very best recruitment consultants will succeed by building close relationships with their clients and candidates in a consultative manner – cold calling really won’t come into it.

I won’t get any training 
While some recruitment consultancies will drop their professionals in at the deep end, the very best ones will spend time building up their employees’ skill sets and market knowledge through a thorough process. After all, a consultant who isn’t equipped with a deep understanding of the arena in which they operate is only going to reflect badly on their employer. Here at NonStop, for example, we ensure our staff are thoroughly trained in not only the recruitment market, but also the discipline they will be focusing on before they begin recruiting.

There’s no professional development
Perhaps one of the most common myths is that recruitment professionals won’t be able to climb the ranks in their organisation or move sideways. This just isn’t the case – professional recruitment firms will have a clear career progression structure which should be available to all new starters detailing what milestones need to be achieved before a promotion. The best firms will also ensure their staff continue to develop and improve their skill sets – regardless of their level – throughout their entire time at the business.

If I have a bad month I’ll lose my job
The final misconception is that a recruiter who doesn’t hit their target one month will, quite simply, be given their marching orders. The very best firms will understand that market conditions, external factors, and indeed a skills gap may result in a consultant missing their target on occasion. And rather than assume it simply means they are not up to the job anymore, they will spend time assessing what the root cause is and work with the individual to rectify it. This may involve additional internal or external training and coaching to help the consultant get back on track.

As with almost any industry, there will be a few cowboys. However, if you ignore the stereotypes and research a perspective firm properly, it’s likely you’ll find the role is fast paced, stimulating and extremely rewarding. Many professionals working in the recruitment industry provide incredible value to both their clients and candidates by offering agile and effective hiring solutions that can save businesses both time and money. So with all of this in mind, could you be a recruiter?


Paul Myers is Internal Recruitment Manager at NonStop Recruitment

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