Job hunting in the New Year

By Pippa Thompson

It’s that time of year when employers across the majority of sectors are considering investing and taking on new employees. As the global recession has cleared and the economy has improved, the job market has also been revitalised and hirers are actively looking for talented individuals. So with this in mind, what are the top tips for job hunting in the New Year?

Get your CV up to scratch
It can be tempting in the days of social media and almost constant technological advances to forget the humble CV. But this is still the first chance you’ll have to present yourself to an organisation and it must be treated with the upmost importance. After all, it’s basically you on a page or two of A4. As a result, it’s crucial for jobseekers to amend and update their CV. You should also consider that you won’t be the only applicant for the role so keep it as concise as possible as no hiring manager will want to filter through pages and pages of information. It’s also important not to distribute a ‘one-size-fits-all’ CV and cover letter. Experienced hirers will be able to tell when you’ve sent a stock application to a number of employers and this is unlikely to stand you in good stead. By creating a bespoke submission you’ll have a much greater chance of standing out from the crowd as a hiring manager is likely to be impressed by your research. And if all else fails, sometimes it’s just better to start again and refresh both your CV and cover letter completely.

Refresh your social media
The majority of individuals who use the internet are likely to be active on social media. In fact, statistics from this time last year suggested that 74% of online adults regularly use at least one platform. Whether this is for personal or professional use, it can often be hard to find the time to engage with people and build a really strong online presence. And while you may think your old Twitter account that you don’t use anymore isn’t relevant to your application, it is. Reports suggest that almost three –quarters of UK employers (73%) use online channels to vet and find out more about jobseekers and if the first thing they find is an outdated and inappropriate account, it’s hardly likely to help your application. Try and see your submission through the eyes of the hirer and do a Google search of yourself to see what you might find. That way, you can remove any errant information or outdated profiles that could potentially affect your chances. If you do feel comfortable with your online presence, list your social media accounts on your CV as this will enhance your professional background.

Reassess your objectives
The next logical step, before you start sending your CV out, is to assess what your objectives are for the year ahead. This will likely include your desired job role, the salary you hope to secure, any training you want to embark on, and any benefits, for example a pension or maternity package, you are hoping for. Not only will this plan ensure you really know what you are seeking, but it will also help you establish what companies might fit with your expectations.

Do your research
In the short winter days and cold long nights it can be tempting to put your feet up and put the job applications to one side, however, this would be a mistake. You should look to conduct thorough research on any potential employer you’re applying to work for as highlighting this is likely to flag to the employer that you’ve done the ground work rather than sending out a stock application. It’s also something to talk about with the interviewer, should you reach that stage, and will show that you care about the organisation.

While it may be tempting to postpone the new job hunt for a few months, there’s no better time than now to look to secure your dream role. So what are you waiting for?


Mohammed Azam is Managing Director of Capita Education Resourcing.

The company specialises in providing a comprehensive range of recruitment solutions and added value services to the education sector. Its national network of offices ensures that it can provide customers with a fast and effective service, responsive to their local needs whilst being able to find its candidates jobs throughout the UK. Through many years’ experience of dealing with schools, nurseries and colleges, Capita Education Resourcing understands the specialist requirements of the education market and the most important part of its service is ensuring that the children within its teachers’ care receive the best education. Capita’s dedication to these high standards and providing continuity of children’s education is achieved through the consistent provision of the best quality teachers to its customers.

To find out more, check out our website, follow us on Twitter @CapitaTeachers or become a fan of our Facebook page ‘Careers at Capita Education Resourcing’.

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