How to plan and save effectively

By Pippa Thompson

Planning and saving doesn’t have to be difficult. The key to successful saving is good planning.

Set a goal and make it achievable…then sit back and watch the cash mount up. It sounds remarkably simple, and it really is.

The first thing to do is identify where you can make cut backs and save the money you would have spent. Can you reduce your standing orders, supermarket bill, housing costs or even debt?

There are many online calculators to help you budget and save more effectively. Try the Money Advice Service for useful tools and impartial advice on saving and budgeting.

The knack to successful saving is to pay yourself first. Treat your savings accounts like you would any other debtor and ensure you pay yourself regularly and savings just don’t disappear.

The best route to regular saving is through direct debits and standing orders. This way your money is safely tucked away and the temptation to spend it diminishes. Out of sight really is out of mind where saving is concerned.

Don’t forget to visualise what your savings look like. Picture your goal. Is it driving lessons for your child, university tuition fees, deposit on a new home? If it helps, pin up a picture on the fridge and keep it very much front of mind.

Write down your goals and set targets and dates by which to achieve them.

Saving successfully is all about planning and getting into good habits.

About the author

Kingston Unity has provided savings and protection products for its members since 1840. The Society has a proud heritage, mutual status and supports its members’ investment and protection needs.

Kingston Unity has around 100,000 members across the UK and provides financial services such as Investment NISAs, Investment Bonds and regular savings plans.

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