How to track down missing savings

By Pippa Thompson

Keeping track of ISAs, Child Trust Funds and other savings products can be tricky.

You may have opened accounts for your children with the best intentions but then moved, married, re-married or the financial organisation may have merged or closed.

It’s estimated that £15 billion pounds is lying dormant in old bank accounts, pensions and life assurance schemes. Remember that money in a lost account is always yours by law, even if you wait years to claim it.

So how do you track your missing cash?

There are several ways, both online and offline.

If you can’t recall how your money was invested but can recall the savings provider, then call into the branch for a tracing form. You can also print one at British Bankers’ Association or Building Societies Association websites.

The provider will let you know if they find a match and you will have to prove your identity to claim the cash.

NS&I also runs a tracing service. First you’ll need to fill out a simple form but it can take up to 12 months for the search to be completed.

One of the best free online tools is

This is a free central tracing scheme spanning banks, building societies and National Savings and Investments. If you’re confused about accounts and deposits then this is the natural place to start and the site is really easy to use.

Child Trust Funds

If you’ve been paying into a Child Trust Fund for the past few years then you’ll know how to access the account. But if you haven’t, then worry not because there’s a simple way to find out where your Child Trust Fund is held. Just go to Government’s website and click on this link.

Tracking down overseas accounts is a little more complex and you will need to get in touch with the bank or savings institution holding the account to check its status.

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Kingston Unity has provided savings and protection products for its members since 1840. The Society has a proud heritage, mutual status and supports its members’ investment and protection needs.

Kingston Unity has around 100,000 members across the UK and provides financial services such as Investment NISAs, Investment Bonds and regular savings plans.

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