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Whether you have an iPhone, a BlackBerry or a good old retro Nokia, most of us can’t live without our mobile phones. But did you know that millions of women around the world don’t have access to a phone? In a brand new campaign, Cherie Blair and Hillary Clinton have made it their mission to supply women all over the globe with mobile phones…

Cherie Blair, wife of the former Prime Minister,  and US secretary of State Hillary Clinton are leading an innovative new campaign called mWomen, which aims to provide 150 million women around the world with access to mobile phones. At this moment in time, 300 million fewer women than men in developing countries owns a mobile phone. What’s more, they are between 23 and 37% less likely than men to have a phone.

Speaking to the BBC World Service, Cherie Blair said, ‘There is so much you can do with a mobile phone. It can help with literacy. It can help with health programmes and projects and it’s a way of helping women develop small businesses and get financial independence.’

Business is a big initiative in the campaign – more than half of all business owners in poor countries reported earning more money because of their mobile phone. Cherie Blair said this would have a transformational effect: ‘If you help a woman set up a business, you’re not just helping her, you’re helping her children and her family. That has a ripple effect on the wider community.’

‘If we can reach 150 million women across the world and you multiply the effect of those women reinvesting in their family and in their local community, we are talking a potential transformational effect in development,’ she added.

To find out more about the campaign, just click here.

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